Giving Back

Committed to making a difference in our community.


The Villages of San Mateo County

We're proud to support Villages of San Mateo County, a group of local senior citizen residents who are dedicated to helping seniors age gracefully in their own homes. They provide essential support services that keep seniors engaged in the community and living independently. With our own mom aging in place, this mission holds special significance for us. Providing these essential services is a personally rewarding and meaningful journey.


Young Men’s Service League

YMSL is a national non-profit where moms and their teenage sons come together to serve their local communities. YMSL's mission is to strengthen mother-son relationships and instill a lifelong commitment to service. Through our involvement, we contribute to the community while our sons learn valuable leadership and life skills, all part of YMSL's mission. It's a fulfilling journey, making a difference, nurturing bonds, and preparing our sons to be capable, confident, and compassionate leaders of the future.


Carlmont High School Volunteer

Volunteering at Carlmont High School's student store has been a rewarding opportunity to connect with the students while providing them with access to affordable snacks during lunchtime. In addition, we also had the privilege of designing Carlmont's main promotional marketing brochure, completely pro bono. This brochure is more than just paper and ink; it's a powerful tool that helps attract new staff and teachers while offering parents an engaging peek into the exceptional world of Carlmont High School.



Peninsula Humane Society

Volunteering as a Dog TLC team with my son at the Peninsula Humane Society has been a fulfilling experience. It's a joy to provide companionship and care to the shelter dogs, giving them the love and attention they deserve. Our roles involve offering these wonderful animals companionship, exercise, and socialization. This role not only benefits the animals but also strengthens our bond, brings us joy, and allows us to give back to our community.

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