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Our Proven Approach to Selling Your Home.

We offer a proven approach that is tailored to your specific needs. As your trusted advisor, we will be by your side throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. With our expertise in design and branding, honed through working with companies like Pottery Barn and Oracle, we'll create custom strategies to maximize your profits. Count on us to skillfully showcase your home in its best light, utilizing creative marketing techniques across print, online platforms, and open houses. Additionally, we'll expertly guide you in preparing your home for sale, maximizing its appeal and ensuring it captivates potential buyers. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations and achieve the successful sale you deserve.



Understand Why You're Selling

What are your goals for selling your home? Are you looking to generate funds for a larger or more desirable property? Or is your priority to sell quickly for a smooth transition to a new city or area? Consider your objectives when determining the listing price, as pricing lower can expedite a sale, while aiming for a specific profit margin may require a different strategy. The more we understand your unique needs and what is important to you, we can tailor a strategy to meet your unique goals and make the selling process as smooth as possible. 


Determine Selling Price

Knowing how to price your home is one of the most important parts of the selling process. When you set a fair price in the beginning, you’ll get the most interest from other real estate agents and prospective buyers. Overpricing your home could lead to reduced interest and future price reductions, and underpricing leads to receiving less than what your home is worth. Working with us is the best way to determine the right selling price for your home. We can determine what other comparable homes are selling for, evaluate the current market, and may even suggest a home appraisal.


Start Preparations

If you’ve kept your home in showroom condition, you’re in the minority of homeowners. After pricing your home, it's essential to prepare it for potential buyers. This involves decluttering, depersonalizing, making small repairs, and performing a thorough deep clean to showcase your home in pristine condition.

If your home needs updating, we've got you covered. We'll develop a budget strategy tailored to your needs, and provide expert advice on the upgrades that will give you the best return on your investment. Our extensive network of reliable contractors and vendors will take care of all the necessary work. With our design and renovation expertise, we'll help you choose quality materials, select appealing color palettes, and throughout the process we'll ensure that the work is of the highest quality by overseeing every detail.

Finally, investing in professional home staging is a smart move to maximize your profits and minimize your time on the market. Staged homes make it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the property, resulting in faster sales and higher average sale prices.


Develop a Marketing Strategy

When it comes to listing a property, our approach is highly customized, leveraging our extensive expertise in design, marketing, and branding. With a proven track record of working with renowned companies such as Pottery Barn and Oracle, we possess the knowledge to generate demand and maximize profits. We prioritize showcasing your property in its best possible light by tailoring our marketing strategy specifically to your target market. This includes implementing real-time pricing, top-tier staging, agent-to-agent referrals, captivating photography and video, effective print and online social campaigns, SEO advertising, and hosting engaging open houses. By implementing these strategies, we aim to drive significant traffic to your listing the first weeks on the market.


Evaluate Offers

Receiving an offer is an exciting part of the process, but it doesn’t mean the journey is over. We will evaluate each offer and make sure the party making the offer is pre-approved or pre-underwritten by a mortgage lender and that their offer and conditions are acceptable to you. If the offer is too low, or conditions are not optimal, we can advise you on making a counter offer to achieve your goals. 


Accept an Offer

Once we deem the offer is acceptable, we will review the proposed contract to make sure it’s all in order and includes the necessary components such as deposit amount, down payment, financing, inspection rights and repair allowances, contingencies, settlement date, and a list of fees and who will pay them. When both parties have agreed to the terms, we will prepare the final contract.


Get Ready to Close

You have accepted an offer and are now very close to the end of your selling journey. But first, you and the buyer must make a list of what needs to be done before closing. The buyer's lender will order an appraisal which may or may not affect you depending upon if there is an appraisal contingency. If you have agreed to any repairs, those will need to be complete before the house can close. We will head up efforts to make sure everything is in order by the closing date. A few days before the closing date, we will call the escrow company closing the transaction to make sure everything is ready to go. If you haven’t done so already, you also need to make arrangements to move out of the home so the new buyer can take possession.



Congratulations! You’ve reached the last step in the seller’s process. When you close on a home you are selling, you are legally transferring ownership of the property to the new buyer. You will meet with the company closing the transaction to sign the final paperwork and go over any issues that have not yet been taken care of. During this time, we can assist in final details such as canceling utilities, cable, and lawn or trash services, changing the name on accounts that the new owner is retaining and ensuring the new owner has instructions for all appliances that will remain in the home.

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